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the data matters.

No great website, marketing campaign, or brand can be built without a solid foundation.  In today’s world, there’s so much data out there to guide us on how to build and who to build for, any firm not doing their homework before jumping into any build out, is just not worth hiring.  Why?  Because within 1 to 2 years, you’ll be rebuilding.

Our team does our homework on EVERY LEVEL.  

for starters, how can we help you afford us?

Your money is valuable and we want to help you make more of it!  Where are you spending money and where can we save you money to better afford our services?  We understand that no campaign is going to hit the ground and immediately make you more money.  The first several months are critical.  We want to help you confidently engage with us without seeing an initial dip in your spending.  Which marketing initiatives are working for you and how can we expand upon them in order to get the most bang for your buck?  We get to know you on a very personal level.  What are your competitors spending money on and is it working?  What’s a new client worth and how can we build you a campaign that affords itself?

competition, where are there gaps that you can fill?

We take a look at your competition and search for gaps in their strategy that you can jump into.  Maybe they posted a study or a video that gained a lot of momentum but only scratches the surface on a subject that you could easily elaborate on.  Maybe they’re spending media budget on overly vague keywords that we can drill down into actionable items.  Maybe they simply don’t have a social media presence.  We’re looking for what they’re NOT doing that customers are searching for.

your customers, what questions are they asking?

We want to know all about your customer journey.  What are their common questions?  What are their pain points?  If they’re asking you on a call or sales meeting, they’re also searching the internet.  We want to cater our content/design/brand to solving these pain points and answering their common questions.

trends, what are people talking about?

What trends are popular right now that are relevant to your industry that we can jump on and engage in our campaign/brand/website?  We look for ways to keep you relevant and ahead of the trends in your industry.

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