case study
the scrubs hub

fully integrated campaign

The Scrubs Hub comissioned Twisted Plum to create an entire identity, from coming up with a name and personality to designing & developing their website, to writing blogs & engaging with customers on social media.  In 2019, after having beat out the competition, they were approached by a larger firm and bought out for a substantial amount.

the brand

We sat down with the key stakeholders to develop a name & brand strategy.  They wanted to compete with large medical eCommerce suppliers such as AllHeart and Scrubs & Beyond.  

We developed a strategy that was quirky and fun and a name that was easy to remember.  The brand would speak to medical students and new nurses/doctors ages 21 – 35 & predominantly female – playing on the tagline of “Work Hard, Look Fabulous.”


the website

We created a very sleek and modern website look which made it easy for their millennial target market to find and purchase exactly what they needed.

the launch strategy

the thank you campaign

Online we ran a free giveaway “thank you” campaign which gave away a set of scrubs – up to $50 worth for new customers and they only paid shipping.  Shipping was offered free on orders up to $100.  This post went viral and got a ton of momentum.  The “free items” turned into add-on purchases to get the free shipping and repeat customers who reordered again and again long after the promotion ran out.


the Wednesday Rush

To gain sales momentum upon launch for their in-store locations, we offered a 20% discount every Wednesday which saw an immediate influx of customers flooding into their stores every week.

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