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A brand is more than a logo.  A brand is your voice and the impression you leave upon your customers.   Determining your brand helps us determine where we’ll take you – what types of content we’ll write, what tone of voice you’ll use, what topics you’ll engage with, and the imagery we’ll create for you in order to express that.

We start with an introductory brand workshop with your key stakeholders to determine how you would like to be perceived, what your values are and what your vision is for the future.  We then take the time to research the market to figure out if this initial persona outline will work and help your brand stand out in the industry.  Then, we engage in a full brand workshop where we combine our findings with your vision to create a comprehensive brand framework.

From there, we put together your brand vision, mission, persona, and guidelines.

We help you find and employ brand ambassadors to increase brand awareness, and help you produce content that aligns with your brand vision.  

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